There’s No Place Like Home: Returning to a Socially Dynamic Space

There’s No Place Like Home features @fr33mvson as he tells us about his connection to Home and his hopes for the future.

PlayStation Home: A Home for Gamers

Gaming is an undeniably social activity. Stereotypes that gamers are anti-social and unfriendly don’t hold up to the scrutiny that is today’s vast online community. In recent years, the social aspect of games has increased tremendously, especially with the rise of esports. However, one of the applications that was ahead of its time was PlayStation Home, an experiment that wanted to bring a social hub into PlayStation’s gaming world. The idea was to create a hub that would allow players to meet and launch into other games right then and there, a sort of lobby system on a larger scale.

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The First Step into a New World

Mason first downloaded Home when he was 15 years old, nearly ten years ago.

Home Sweet Home

Mason’s connection to Home was a large part of his PlayStation 3 experience. We asked him how often he used Home.

PlayStation Exclusivity

He expressed his surprise at Home’s closure in 2015, remembering how he spent a lot of money on the social network. He discussed the profitability of add-on content, relating it to games such as The Elder Scrolls Online or Call of Duty. “There’s always going to be add-on content to buy for a game that’s released.”

The Freedoms of an Open World

Mason isn’t alone. Plenty of users miss Home, and for a variety of reasons. We asked Mason what his favorite part about Home was.

Favorite Locations and Hangouts

Singstar, a favorite dance club that Mason frequented on Home.
Another of Mason’s favorite locations: The Playground.
Glittering Sands Beach, a favorite that Mason and we share!

Hopes for the Future

We began looking towards the future. Next-gen consoles are right around the corner with the PlayStation 5 set to release this holiday season of 2020. Mason’s vision for a new Home turned on a light that revealed endless possibilities.

What Home Means to Mason

To Mason, Home is more than a game. It’s a virtual social network that provides a freedom that gamers can identify with. The freedom to explore a dynamic world with a multitude of possibilities for new friendships, encounters, and experiences.

Mason’s Message to PlayStation

We asked Mason to tell us what he would tell PlayStation if he were writing an open letter. This was his response.



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