“One of the biggest things that I’ve taken from it was, overall, my own experience with identity. I found my identity through games like PlayStation Home.”

Nico joins us to discuss how PlayStation Home helped to form her into the person she is today. Watch the full video here!

This edition of No Place Like Home features Nico, a Twitch streamer, artist, and fellow PlayStation Home user that was able to use PlayStation Home to express her true identity.

“Have you experienced lockdown a bit too much? Are you looking for that key social experience you won’t get anywhere else? Well, come to Home where you find your home and talk to random strangers on the internet in a more professional and well-mannered way.”

No Place Like Home features Kieren (@Bundicot) as he talks about his belief in the success of a new PlayStation Home and his fond memories of the platform. Find the video here!

This edition of No Place Like Home features Kieren, a filmmaker and content creator on YouTube who has a lot to say about PlayStation Home.

When life threw its challenges at this player, Home was the best place to go.

No Place Like Home features @sugarxblossom as she talks about her growth as a gamer and her favorite parts about Home. Find the video here!

From the Beginning

Ellie wasn’t always much of an avid gamer. Relying on her brother’s system and schedule to get in game time, her PS3 experience was limited. Her discovery of Home went a little like this:

“I want to say I was in middle school. At the time I wasn’t that much of a big gamer. A little bit I was, but more so my brother. …

What happens when our society becomes engrossed with personalization, individuality, and creativity? Companies move to provide options that will make users feel special.

“Companies move to provide options that will make users feel special.”

Before diving into the world of social gaming, let’s talk a little bit about our current consumer landscape.

Selling Consumers to Themselves

With the growing capabilities of technology, the world has changed significantly; as has the way consumers interact with products. In western culture, specifically, there is a desire to be up-to-date, sporting the newest pair of shoes or texting on the newest smartphone. There’s a status associated with the things we own, but just having the latest items isn’t enough…

For some of us that used PlayStation Home, it was an avenue of self-expression we couldn’t access in our “real” lives. It spoke to an underlying need, and for one user, it provided a safe environment for social interaction.

Some like to game, some like to chill. Deja (@DejaEntenduwu) just wants to wind down and enjoy.

Our next Home story features Deja, who saw Home as an opportunity. Her Home experience started on a random school day after she gave the application a shot, and the rest is history.

There’s no shortage of Homesick PlayStation users, and we gathered some thoughts from another player hoping for Home’s return on the upcoming PlayStation 5.

This edition of No Place Like Home features OwlGhouls (@DriftingOrbit), letting us in on how Home left a big impact on their life.

Down the Rabbit Hole

DriftingOrbit‘s first experience with Home is like many others, starting with a casual discovery of the app on a brand new console.

The re-imagining of gaming’s social landscape is at the forefront of this former PlayStation Home user’s mind.

There’s No Place Like Home features @fr33mvson as he tells us about his connection to Home and his hopes for the future.

PlayStation Home: A Home for Gamers

Gaming is an undeniably social activity. Stereotypes that gamers are anti-social and unfriendly don’t hold up to the scrutiny that is today’s vast online community. In recent years, the social aspect of games has increased tremendously, especially with the rise of esports. However, one of the applications that was ahead of its time was PlayStation Home, an experiment that wanted to bring a social hub into PlayStation’s gaming world. …

Return Home PS5

Advocates for the return of PlayStation Home on the PlayStation 5. If you think there’s no place like Home, help us spread the word!

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